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Mini Wheel Arches

Compiled by Bud666

Standard Plastic Arches - 4.5"-5.5" width wheels wheels are 12x4.5 rover cooper alloys
Plastic with chrome covers - As above   deep dish 12x5 minilight style
Grp 2's - As above, maybe 6" at a push   12x5.5 minilight style
Wood and Pickett - 5" - 6" 10x6 mamba's
Grp 2 Extra wide - 6" - 7" wheels deep dish 12x6 minilight style
Grp 5's - 6", maybe 7" 10x6 wellers with spacers
Grp 5 Euro's - 7"   deep dish 13x7 wellers
Grp 7's - 7"+ deep dish 13x7 wellers
Miglia arches - Massive wheels  10x6/7 split rims maybe?
Sportspack arches - 6"+ 13x6 sportspack alloys
Aluminium arches 5" - 6"   deep dish 12x5 minilight style

Mini Bodykits

Genuine ERA Turbo
Autofashion Fortek kit
Autofashion Majic kit (Zeemax copy)
Genuine Zeemax Kit
Genuine Zeemax Clubman Kit
Sportpack arches with sideskirts


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