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Mini Tech Info

Mini Tech Info
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Mini Pics
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General Tech

Wiring Colour Code Table

Mini Torque Wrench Settings

List of Engine Bolts

Speedo Drive Ratios

Cylinder Head Calculations

Tuning SU Carbs

Needle codes for SU carbs

MiniPower's On-line SU Needle Reference

MiniPower's On-line SU Needle Comparison

Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE carburettors

WEBER DCOE Carburettor Diagrams

Mini Tech Links

Calver Special Tuning

Siili's DIY Mini Guide


British Car SOL Tech Info

The Wheel & Tyre Bible

The Engine Oil Bible

Mini Wheel Directory

General Info

1959 - 1969 Haynes Mini Manual pdf

1970 - 2000 Haynes Mini Manual pdf

Design of the Mini

Mini History

Mini Time Line

Mini Production Worldwide by year

Mini Engine Types

Engine Performance Figures

Engine Number Reference

Engine Compression Ratio & Head I.d.

Mini Chassis/VIN Numbers and Commission Numbers 1959 - 1980

Mini Chassis/VIN Numbers and Commission Numbers 1980 - 2000

Australian Produced Classic Mini info

BMC, Leyland, Rover Mini Paint Codes

Mini (UK) Color Schemes

Mini Jacking Points

Pics/Info - Mini Wheel Arches & Body Kits

How the Cooling System Works

Geoff Thomas/Neville Trickett Mini Sprint Racer

Technical Information about Wheels & Tires


Hinge Rebuilding- Mk1 and Mk2 Minis use external door hinges.

Seat Refurbishment

How to Check to See if your Head is Leaded or Unleaded

How to install a Quickshift (Rod Change)

Windscreen replacement / resealing

How to mount your Mini on A Spit!

Trailing Arm Rebuild

Fitting Hi-Los - Fitting Adjustable Ride Height Trumpets

Hydraulic Flywheel Puller (by Joe Clark)

How to Change Rod Change Housing Bushings

How To Clean/Test your Smiths Speedometer


Mini Meet North

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